Margot Robbie's Visit to Youngcare's Share House

Margot Robbie and Brian are smiling for a group photo. Margot Robbie is wearing a white dress, and Brian, in an electric wheelchair, is wearing a black tee shirt. Margot has her hand on Brian's shoulder.

During her recent visit to Australia to receive the prestigious AACTA Trailblazer Award, Margot Robbie took time out to visit one of Youngcare’s share houses in Brisbane. We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Margot for her invaluable support and the unforgettable experience she shared with the share house residents.

Residents Brian, Carl, and Nick were delighted to have the opportunity to meet Margot and personally show her around their cherished home, specially designed and built by Youngcare. Their encounter with Margot was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that brought immense joy and inspiration to all involved.

Margot’s dedication to the Youngcare cause exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity that drives positive change in the disability sector.

At Youngcare, we are dedicated to providing choice, independence, and dignity to young Australians living with complex physical disabilities. We advocate for equality, acceptance, and inclusion for all individuals, striving to empower change and foster a more inclusive society.

We extend our deepest appreciation to Margot for her ongoing support and advocacy. Her kindness and generosity continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you, Margot, for standing with Youngcare and for your commitment to creating a brighter, more inclusive future for young people with complex physical disabilities across Australia.

Photos by Monette Gardiner.

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