We are fighting for freedom of CHOICE for young people with high care needs

Who we are

Youngcare is a national not-for-profit, revolutionising the way young people with high care disability live – with freedom, dignity and choice. We are the force that empowers and drives change for young people with high physical support needs, creating a more inclusive Australia.

Did you know? Youngcare receives NO recurring government grant funding. We rely solely on generous supporters like YOU to help young people with disability.

Our Charitable Purpose

Youngcare was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 2005 whose purpose is to improve the lives of thousands of young Australians living with physical disabilities. The provision of housing, grants and information support services provide awareness, independence and choice for young Australians and gives a voice to advocate for equality, acceptance and inclusion.

Youngcare’s Vision

Youngcare is creating a future where every young person in Australia with high physical support needs, is able to live within communities of their choice.

Our Mission

Youngcare advocates for freedom, dignity and choice for young people with high physical support needs to choose where they live, who they live with and how they live their lives, by;

  • Providing purpose-built specialist disability housing.
  • Partnering with others to deliver specialist disability housing
    Providing Grants for young people to remain living in their home or, to move into accessible housing.
  • Providing a free information and referral phone line, to assist people with disabilities and their families to navigate the disability sector.
  • Creating awareness and advocating change through collaboration with Government and communities, to enhance the daily lives of the people we assist

Pictured from left: Youngcare founders; Nick Bonifant, Shevaune Conry and David Conry.

Where it all began

It was one couple’s struggle to find dignified and appropriate care that inspired the formation of Youngcare.

In 2005, four mates vowed to change the considerable gap in care provision for young people with high care needs when at the age of just 33 Shevaune Conry, who had multiple sclerosis ended up living in aged care. It was the only place that could provide for her 24/7 care needs. With the purpose to create brighter futures for young people with high care needs, Youngcare was born.

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