Kym's Story

Kym has many hobbies including listening to music and cooking, but she spends most of her time writing and is currently busy drafting her first novel. Kym draws inspiration from her favourite authors and can spend hours getting lost in a good book!  

Kym also has a physical disability that impacts her mobility and most of her daily activities. Kym now requires around the clock care and relies heavily on her elderly father; her only remaining family member who is able to support her needs.  

As Kym’s dad continues to age, it gets more and more challenging for him to assist Kym with certain tasks, like getting in and out of bed. And understandably, Kym values her independence and privacy and wants nothing more than to be able to do this herself.  

“I have always been an independent person… 

I was struggling to get in and out of bed, it was a nightmare, I could barely do it.” 

Thankfully, Youngcare donors have stepped up and given Kym some of her independence back through the provision of an At Home Care Grant. Kym used the grant to purchase a new bed that moves up and down with the simple push of a button.  

The new bed allows Kym to transfer in and out of bed safely and independently; a part of life that most of us don’t even think twice about. The benefits of this simple, yet life-changing piece of furniture have extended to Kym’s father, who no longer has to risk his own safety and mobility.  

On behalf of Kym and her dad – thank you. You have provided independence, comfort and safety to a family who deserves nothing less!  

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